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...... July 30th.

Almost the end of July...
and I'm still here.. stuck in my room.. mostly doing nothing for hours!!
spending my time almost in front of my lappie...everyday!!
Ah..... what kind of life I have now?
very pathetic... enough to make you think I want to die soon..........
I lead a very boring life now!!
and I don't know when this end.........
I'm clueless.......honestly!
maybe my August or even this year will be the same...
though I don't know.......


the fact that my birthday and your just apart 3 days.. suprised me! haha
Yeay... We are Cancer!! LOL

dearest Tsuyopon, I hope you all the very best in this world..
because You're so special for me too!
I can't stop smiling when I see you in your high spirit! LOL
Everything about you...
I come to the position to like you even more than before..
You're strong enough to overcome everything in your life..
so be more strong and continue your life well!
Be Happy and find your happiness!!

Happy Birthday myself!

6th of July~ MY BIRTHDAY!
turning 22nd now.....

*OH NO! I'm OLD!!*


Happy Birthday! 誕生日おめでとう!
All the very best for you, bratty kiddo!
Another new page in your life.. 30th~
Please create it with more amazing story than ever~
I'm happy to know about how amazing you are, Ninomiya Kazunari~

I hope your tears are few and fast
I hope your dreams come true at last
I hope you find love that goes on and on and on and on and on
I hope you wish on every star
I hope you never fall too far
I hope this world can see how wonderful you are~

I love the way you are.. Ninomiya Kazunari~

You're so amazing you are...You are~


I'm currently LOST my WAY.....
Stuck at the same position and never moved..
I can see the road..but can't decide which way I need to choose...
which way will lead me to my future...
If you brave enough to take any risk, you won't hesitate when you choose your way..
but me..... seems like I'm scared... not brave enough.....
God.... if YOU ask me where I want to go... I want to answer... please, send me to the farthest place from here.. (to the unfamiliar place.. to the different world of my current life-style..)
but if no, please send me to the place YOU want me to stay.. the place I belong to.. but.... if YOU want me to stay here.. tell me! and I will!
because YOU know exactly my heart.. the heaviness in my heart why I cannot leave this city.. this place.. this home..
somehow, I feel like this life is unfair.. but I know God already create our story even before we born into this world..
from the first time we cried.. until now..

I need YOUR direction.. I need YOU as a compass in my life..
to lead me.. to tell me.. to be my protector.. to hold my hand... to hug me.. to pat my head.. if I lost my way...
if I go to the wrong way of my life...
YOU are my SAVIOUR..
JESUS be with me...

I cried. simply because I'm tired..scared..and LOST.
I hope this will be the last time I cried like this... next time I will smile.
SMILE for the bottom of my heart because God be with me.

Thankyou God.. YOU taught me something important in life..
Because all that we have comes from YOU.



  "Even though your place is so far away, but I see the same sky as you, if I look up."


Hiii May~~
yeah, it's May already..
a lot of things to do so I cant write here. ;((
and seriously I... depressed.
not because I need to do much, but I cant finish my "skripsi" soon.
oh crap! so wasting my half life in 20th.. :(
I kinda lazy before...
but now, I will work hard to finish it soon...
no matter what happen!!!
I hope when I write again in June, I definitely not in the same mood like today..
God bless my way!^^

that post above was my post around early May last year..
and nothing change as for now too...
I'm stuck...once again...
with almost same situation.. funny... (I back-tracking my posts here and found this)
the difference just...for now, I'm wasting half of my 21st.. LOL
I don't know what to write...
this coincidence(?) seriously....I never expected before...
I'm not.................LAZY! just want to be more careful to decide things.. :p /excuse/
and........... for 2 years in a row, I spend my first half year with do nothing... just wandering around and get nothing...
at least last year, around last May, I moved forward.. did something important..
and this year... I hope, I will too....
my goal is one...just that one! (for now)
I hope I can get what I want.....
maybe I think too long and too much causing me can't decide which way should I choose so I can get my life!
soon... it will decide..(I think so)
I will have my own live and my own way....


For the rest of 2013... I know (for sure) I will be able to survive!
God will show me His way for me! ^^
He will put me to the place I longing for and dream of..


http://spacefem.com/quizzes/rainbow/ "Find the colors of your rainbow"
saw this on someone LJ and give a try..

Your rainbow is intensely shaded red, green, and black.

What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate mystery. You may meet people who are afraid of you. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

- somehow, it's true...

Poor Thing.

Just feel empty nowadays..
Like there's nothing to look forward for future..
Seems everything turn dark for me..suddenly.
Want to move on, but........


Good news~

just a few days ago, I wrote here and promise I will be back with a good news..
I think, I already accomplished that halfway! haha
I did it!
I will write something here again, when I already get that!
Jesus, Thank You! Thank You for lead my way!
Thank You for always here for me!
Thank You for always You've done for me~
Amazing God!